Kontakta Google!

I am writing this as it seems to be the only way to get in touch with Google via the web and not ending up trying to find the "proper topic" in a list long as from here to China. So I have reported this blog to be sure someone from Goole actually reads my message!

Like so many other I get abuse mails from time to time. If it is not Swedbank or Telia it is Google that congratulates to an enormous winning.

These kinds of abuse-mail are in the same "line of business" as the old "Nigeria-letters" that I have got in great numbers during my active years in advertising. From the beginning as poorly written air-mail-letters. Later as faxes and still sometimes as mails.

Regularily I have just forwarded these abuses to the Swedish police that has an e-mail-address for just these letters/mails.

I have also reported/forwarded all fraud attempts directed at Swedbank, Telia etc. to the respecitve company. Of course, I have also tried in vain to do the same for Google. But it is impossible to reach them in a simple e-mail way.

Istead I get automated replies telling me to spend some hours looking through their help center in the end without any help anyway.

I'm doing this to help the respective company to protect their brands. I'm not doing it to please myself. But on the other hand I will not spend time and more effort than it takes to forward any such abuse to an appropriate e-mail-address.

So, Google! If you read this, please, supply me with an e-mail-address to which I can forward any abuse and fraud attemtps that comes into my mailbox, for YOUR information and action. Not mine!


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